Co-owner of a two Cosmetic Manufacturing Company located in Bangkok, Thailand & a co-owner of a cosmetic manufacturing unit in India with years of experience in the Cosmetic Industry and strong ties with multiple other Cosmetic OEM / Private Label Manufacturers all over Thailand & India. Our aim is to facilitate the whole OEM / Private Labelling process for our customers as easy and simple as possible by keeping things plain and simple with very little margin for error. At the same time we strive to maintain and improve relations with our Manufacturing Partners as well as our Suppliers and also establish new contacts in the Global Cosmetic Industry so that we may optimally service our Customers for many years to come. (All Manufacturing Partners are GMP Certified)


We provide Skin Care & Hair care products either in Bulk or Privately Labelled under YOUR brand. We also provide or source for Cosmetic packaging from all over the world. We also help you to source new Ingredients mainly for the OEM / Private labels from all over the world. Our in house designing department offer Artwork / Design services for labelling and marketing materials as well as Web Design. We have plenty of experience in Exporting our goods anywhere in the world and can offer complete Logistic support (Shipping) services as well as assistance with Product Registration / Notification in your region. We also help in Brand registration of your products. We conceptualise and deliver the product from start to finish.

Product We Offer:-

  • Indian Product
  • Essential Oil
  • Thai Product
  • Anti Acne
  • Facial Scrub
  • Wake up mark
  • OEM
  • Beauty Equipment
  • Face treatment
  • Body treatment


Contact: Thailand

Alna Care Co. Ltd.
3 Arun Amrin Road,
Wat Kallya, Thonburi Bangkok

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(An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Co.)
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Manimajra, CHD

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